Potential Sponsored Students

The Student Refugee Program is a unique program that combines resettlement to Canada with access to post-secondary education for young refugees. It is managed by WUSC, a non-profit Canadian international development agency. Note that the Student Refugee Program is NOT a scholarship program - students are sponsored for one year and receive basic financial and social support.

The Student Refugee Program is supported by WUSC Local Committees (made up of university, college, and CEGEP students, staff, and faculty) on campuses across Canada. Through its agreements with the Government of Canada and the Government of Québec (a Canadian province), WUSC enables students sponsored through the program to enter Canada as Permanent Residents.

Volunteer members of the WUSC committees arrange financial and social support for each sponsored student during their first year of study in Canada. Financial assistance is provided “in kind” – such as reduced or free tuition and accommodation fees – plus a small sum of money to buy basic necessities. Sponsored students do not receive cash to study.

How to apply

WUSC is mobilizing resources in order to expand the number of spaces in our Student Refugee Program for the 2022-2023 academic year to resettle additional Afghan refugee students to Canada in collaboration with the Government of Canada and our network of sponsoring universities, colleges, and CEGEPs. WUSC invites suitably qualified candidates based in Pakistan to apply for the Student Refugee Program (SRP) until the deadline on January 3, 2022. Find the Call for Application here.

WUSC accepts applications from eligible applicants in the following countries of asylum: Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda.

If you wish to apply to the Student Refugee Program, you must meet the following general eligibility requirements:

  • Be a refugee living in a country of asylum in which the program operates;
  • Have completed secondary school and have official and original transcripts of educational documents;
  • Be between 18-25 years old;
  • Be competent in English or French (oral and written);
  • Be single with no dependents/children;
  • Eligible and suitable for resettlement under Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees program;
  • Be self-reliant, mature and suitable for integration in Canada; and
  • Be currently facing barriers to accessing or completing post-secondary education (i.e. university or college)
  • Please note: There are specific eligibility requirements for each country of asylum that will be posted in each year’s Call for Applications.

If you meet the above criteria, please read the following before beginning the application process:

  • You must live in the country of asylum from which you are sending your application and be recognized as a refugee by the authorities who are mandated to give this status, i.e. the host country government or UNHCR.
  • Approximately 130-150 candidates are accepted by WUSC each year globally. The number of students by country of asylum will vary each year. There are no set targets of students by country of origin.
  • The sponsorship process can take up to two years or more. Final decisions are made by Canadian immigration officials before students are cleared for travel to Canada.
  • The application requirements will be listed in the Call for Application, available from our field office or partner organization. In general, you will be asked to:
    • Complete the Student Refugee Program application form
    • Include up-to-date contact information, including an email and a phone number (either your own or that of someone who can take a message for you)
    • Include a copy of your secondary school diploma and all important academic records, including any previous English or French language test results if available

Where to apply

Applications are not accepted at WUSC headquarters in Ottawa. Your application must be processed through one of our field offices or partner organizations, listed below.

Please submit your application to the organization below that corresponds to your country of asylum. Note that we only accept applications in the offices indicated below and only during the recruitment period which is open for 2-3 weeks each year. The month of application will vary by country.

The selection process for the 2022-23 cohort is complete. The call for applications for the 2023-24 cycle will be released in late 2021 or early 2022 with shortlisting, language testing and interviews taking place between February and August 2022. When the call for applications is launched, a link to the Student Refugee Program online application form will be made available by our partners listed below.

Jordan & Lebanon

WUSC in Jordan is responsible for student selection in Jordan and Lebanon. The program is open to refugees living in urban or semi-urban situations or in refugee camps. For any further questions, please contact WUSC in Jordan at [email protected]. The mailing address is:

WUSC Jordan
P.O BOX 940764
Amman 11194


WUSC’s partner in Kenya is Windle International Kenya. The program is open to refugees living in urban areas or in Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps. For any further questions, please contact Windle International Kenya at +254 721 551 451 or [email protected] or at the mailing address below: You can follow Windle International Kenya at https://www.facebook.com/Windle.Intl.Ke.  The mailing address is:

WUSC Student Refugee Program
c/o Windle International Kenya
No.10 Amboseli Rd. Off Gitanga Rd.
Box 40521 – 00100, Nairobi GPO


WUSC in Malawi is responsible for student selection in Malawi. For any further questions, please contact WUSC in Malawi by email at [email protected], by phone at +265 885871388, or at the mailing address below:

WUSC Student Refugee Program
c/o WUSC-Malawi
P.O. Box 30268


WUSC’s partner in Tanzania is the International Rescue Committee (IRC). The program is open to refugees living in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp only. For any further questions, please contact IRC Tanzania by email at [email protected], the community services office in Nyarugusu refugee camp at 0767 800 421, or by writing to the address below:

International Rescue Committee
P.O BOX 259 KasuluKigoma


WUSC’s partner in Uganda is Windle International Uganda (WIU). The program is open to refugees living in any of the refugee settlements in Uganda, including Kampala. For any further questions, please contact the WIU office at [email protected]You can follow Windle Uganda at https://www.facebook.com/WindleUganda. The mailing address is:

Windle International Uganda
Plot 726 Mawanda Road, Kamwokya
P.O. Box 24230


WUSC is now launching a special call for applications for refugees based in Pakistan and will be open until the deadline on January 3rd, 2022. You can find all the details about the eligibility criterias and application process here.

For any general questions about the SRP globally you can contact us at [email protected].